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Illinois Forklift Parts - Illinois is the fifth most densely inhabited state in the USA and is the most populated state within the Midwest region. The majority of its residents, about 65%, are located within the Chicago metropolitan area. The environment of Illinois reflects a rural character or a small town. The state of Illinois is often noted as being a microcosm for the entire country.

There are various natural resources situated in Illinois comprising: petroleum, timber and coal within the south. The northern and central portions of the state house small industrial cities and great agricultural productivity. With Chicago in the northeast, Illinois has a large economic base. The state of Illinois is a vital transportation hub. The Port of Chicago connects the Great lakes to the Mississippi River via the Illinois River. O'Hare International Airport has been considered amongst the world's busiest airports for decades. Voted as the "most average state," the state of Illinois has had a long reputation as a bellwether in both cultural and politics and social terms.

In the year 1818, the state of Illinois finally achieved its statehood. Early settlers began coming from Kentucky in the 1810s, and after some time the state started to grow quickly. On the banks of the Chicago River, Chicago City was founded in the 1830's. This is one of the few natural harbors on southern Lake Michigan. Illinois' rich prairie land became amongst the worlds most productive and valuable farmlands with the railroads and the invention of John Deer's self-scouring steel plow. Immigrant farmers from Germany and Sweden arrived to live.

The growth of the various industrial jobs along with coal mining in the 1900s started to attract the numerous immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe. Illinois became an essential manufacturing center through both of WWI and WWII. The Great Migration of African Americans from the rural South to Chicago created a large community which established the city's famous jazz and blues cultures.

Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant are amongst the only U.S. Presidents voted who are from the state of Illinois. President Reagan was however, the only one born and raised within the state. The official slogan of the state "Land of Lincoln" is shown on the states' license plates nowadays as a way to commemorate and honor Abraham Lincoln.


In the 2008 year, Illinois' gross state product was approximately $634 billion and the state's per capita gross state product that same year was about $40,006. During 2009, the per capita personal income in the state of Illinois was estimated to be $41,411. During the month of March the year 2010, the state of Illinois reported an unemployment rate of 11.5%. By the month of May, this figure had lessened to 10.8%.


Illinois is proud to be among the United State's leading manufacturers. They boast yearly value added productivity by manufacturing over $107 billion in 2006. Approximately 3/4 of the state's manufacturers are located in the Northeastern Opportunity Return Region and 38 percent of Illinois' about 18,900 manufacturing plants are situated in Cook County.

According to the 2006 statistics, the top manufacturing industries in Illinois based upon value-added were $18.3 billion in chemical manufacturing, $13.4 billion in manufacturing equipment, $12.9 billion in manufacturing food, $11.5 billion in fabricated metal products, $7.4 billion in transportation machinery, $7.0 billion in plastics and rubber products and $6.1 billion in computer and electronic machinery.

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